In the Good Ol Summer Time!


Hello Friends.  Just a sort chat this time around, because it is finally summer here in Northern Ontario.  The weather has been Hot, Hot, Hot. There has been very little rain, so, in turn, there has been numerous forest fires.  Like most northerners, Its a great time to be by the water.  This summer our little "camp" has changed as we have moved lakes and now enjoy our downtime in the French River area.  We will be spending a lot more time there so with camera packed you can look forward to new photos of my surroundings.  

For some of my quilting friends, this hot weather means more cool time in their sewing rooms.  I am anxious to see pictures of the quilts that were made during this hot summer of 2018.  I, on the other hand, have not spent much time quilting, however,  I am happy to report, that the new cottage has electricity and room for me to set up my sewing machine to do some quilting on those rainy days, or to hot days or anytime the feeling strikes me.  :)


The poster and registration form for my two day fall workshop are now ready and up on the Calendar section of the website.  Click here to see the details.   You can call me or send an email to register.  This years quilt "Quarry" is a real dream to put together.  I have not made it into a runner but the small size is great for a throw. As always, I am excited to teach everyone the tips and tricks to this new quilt and the technique that lends itself to so many possibilities.

Well time to turn on the Barbecue! Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, enjoy the weather, and please put on the sunscreen!

Never a dull moment!

 The quilting retreat house. 

The quilting retreat house. 


Hello Friends.  I just returned, a week ago, from Bainbridge, NY.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post while away, as the internet connection was not the greatest and I was outside of the country. Myself, along with 5 other close Studio 180 Buds, spent a week sharing creative ideas, solving quilting problems and learning from each other about new tools and techniques. What a fantastic group of women!  We stayed at Katrina Thomas's parents place, as they have a retreat house, and what a beautiful setting for creativity.  We were even treated to homemade waffles by Katrina's Dad, cooked in an antique cast-iron waffle maker over an open fire.  OMG, I am so glad I brought my stretchy pants.  We had homemade blueberry sauce to pour over the waffles!  MMMM!!

 From left to right: Katrina's mom, Lynn Wheatley, Cora Swalec. Debbie Kalenty (Quilters Obsession)  Jackie Mowday (in front in blue) and Katrina Thomas (Hope Chest Quilting)

From left to right: Katrina's mom, Lynn Wheatley, Cora Swalec. Debbie Kalenty (Quilters Obsession)  Jackie Mowday (in front in blue) and Katrina Thomas (Hope Chest Quilting)

So enough about the food. With a week of uninterrupted quilting time I was able to piece together both the large quilt sample and throw size for my new pattern.  I will be teaching this in November at my annual workshop in Sudbury ON.  The poster should be out within a week or so and registration will open at that time.  The new pattern utilizes a new technique by Studio 180 design.  The possibilities with this new unit are endless and i am so excited to share it with everyone.  



Jackie Mowday worked on a baby quilt.  It has a print of tiny feet which she incorporated into the LeMoyne Stars.  The pattern "Sugar and Spice"  by Studio 180 Design, really shines with the pastels and the little feet are so adorable.


The gang thought that it would be a hoot to bring the lone Canadian to a quilt shop that boasts over 22,000 bolts of fabric.  Well, if you can't find what your looking for here, it just plain doesn't exist.  


 Heaven, Im in Heaven !!!  

There was to my delight an entire wall of "Moda Grunge" fabric ever produced.


Much to my surprise, and I'm sure all of you, I really did not buy much.  I did pick up fabric for my next quilt pattern and this really cool print, that just jumped into my lap. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but it just had to come home with me.   



This weekend, we Canadians celebrate Canada Day and a long weekend to spend with friends and family doing all things "summer".  I will be at camp with my family doing just that.  So, here's to another great Canadian summer ahead.  I will keep you all informed with news from the studio.  Until next time, Thanks for dropping by.  Stay safe, wear sunscreen, and go jump in the lake!!

I've been here, there and everywhere!


Hello Friends. I’m thinking about all that has happened since I touched base with you with my last blog post. Although it has only been a few weeks, it’s been packed with workshops, trunk shows and best of all great quilters.  

The first weekend in May, was spent with the quilters of the Sudbury and District Quilting and Stitchery Guild.  The group spent two days learning about turned edge applique and all the extra stuff that we need to know to make our projects easy and beautiful.  I was so delighted to be asked to present a Trunk Show to the guild members on the following Monday at their annual Year end Banquet.  It is customary that I ask the quilters to give a big Hello wave to all of my other quilters who follow my blog. So from these quilters to all of you, “Hello and Happy Quilting”.

On May 15th and 16th I was in North Bay.  First, I was invited to share my quilts and stories with the afternoon group. Over the years I have had the pleasure of getting to know many quilters here in the North, and when I go to places like North Bay, it’s nice to touch base with those who I have had the privilege of teaching and now calling my friend.  One such lady is Deanna, who so graciously invited me to stay at her house.  I’m sure the reason was mainly because we have so much to get caught up on that chatting on the phone does not do us justice. 


Thanks friend I owe you one! The next day the ladies came together to learn the tips and tricks to making the River Rocks block.  I am hoping that soon I will have pictures of their finished projects to share.  

This past Thursday it was back in the car.  This time I was heading north to the Cobalt area, where I joined a lively group of quilters on a 5-day retreat.  The event was hosted by Gem Sewing, and in attendance were 20 some quilters waiting to learn all things related to flying geese and the Wing Clipper tool by Studio 180 Design.  As you can see from the following pictures, these ladies were into some serious quilting. 

A big Thank You to everyone who attended the workshops.  The organizers, local shops and most of all, the quilters.  Without you I would just be talking to the bears in the back bushes of Northern Ontario.  

Right now, I am busy getting my sample done for the fall workshop.  I will post the info as soon as I am done the quilt top.  Which may be sooner than later as today my house is getting covered by those gross tent caterpillars.  No real gardening for this lady.  EWWWW!!!  So mark your calendar as the date is set for November 10th and 11th. I had booked it for earlier but there’s a child’s wedding in October. 

I hear the mower going so I’d better check Hubby doesn’t mow the Lupins down. Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, were bug repellant and eat some asparagus.