Happy New Year!


Hello Friends. It’s the last day of 2018, and the Hubby and I are at the River House just chillin! Christmas was quiet, and I am truly thankful that the family was able to be together for the holidays. The girls got us framed photos of their wedding pictures and of course I cried. (like that’s a surprise) and to be honest, those are the kinds of gifts that really matter. The newlyweds have made it back to the UK and our oldest is enjoying some quiet time in her new house. My, how the holidays just flew by. All the prep and fussing and whoosh here we are at the eve of another year.

I am fighting a bit of a cold, but I must say, the timing for something like that is OK, as I am in hibernation mode for the next few weeks. I de-decorated this morning and anxious for things to be normal, including the menu. Too much cheese and chocolate and the like. I swear every time I turned around there was something jumping into my mouth.

January is shaping up to be catch up time with quilts to be quilted on the long arm and time set aside to write my next pattern. Somehow, I am a master of procrastination when it comes to writing patterns. Then of course with the new year comes year end and inventory so there goes January. With all the expenditures this past year we have decided to pass on our February Caribbean holiday. That is just fine with me, as I am always in for some extra sewing time. There is an exciting event/adventure taking place in January, but I can’t share just yet so stay tuned and I will bring you up to date mid-January.

2018 was an exciting year for me as I was able to release two more patterns. For the shops out there, my patterns are now available through Erie Quilt Art in Canada and Checker Distributors in the U.S. All quilters and shop can always buy them directly from me as well so have a look at the store on my website. All in all, 2018 was a whirlwind year, and I am looking forward to 2019 having a calmer and more focused feel. Like that is going to happen. Haha

I recently received an email from my friend Leianne McCallum who teaches all things Studio 180 at Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge Ontario. She so kindly sent me photos of some of her students work in the Studio 180 Club class. Leianne writes, “All the blocks look so different, yet equally lovely, and everyone has really enjoyed your pattern.” What a lovely treat to see students creative take on patterns. They are lovely and different. Thank you Leianne and your students for using Quilting by the River patterns. I look forward to more pictures as you finish your projects.

Another quilty friend so kindly sent along a photo of her finished “Quarry” quilt which she did in the November workshop. Danielle is new to our workshop group, but I get the feeling I will see her again and share some fun quilting time as always.

Quarry, pieced by Danielle Vincent

Quarry, pieced by Danielle Vincent

One thing I promised the Quarry workshop group, is the continuous quilting grid that I used when I was quilting the squares in my green sample. Here you are, and I am available if you have any questions.


Well Hubby wants to go for a walk before the snow starts and the temperature drops. So from my family to yours we wish you a safe happy and healthy 2019

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, Happy New Year and make time for a nap!

Makin' Lists!


Hello Friends. Happy December! Today I’m in my little office space updating my “To Do” list. I have a Christmas food list, Christmas gift list, things to bake list, things to quilt list…. How’s your list(s)? I think what is different this year, and it is an observation not a complaint, is the fact that we will be spending some of the holiday here at the house and Christmas eve to Boxing Day at the River House. So, my brain is saying, “So where does the Turkey go”? All in all, I’m feeling pretty confident and organized. Ask me in two weeks and we will see what the answer is. LOL

Thing have just been a hopping here at the studio. Regular Monday and Thursday classes have resumed, and I have taken in a few quilts to longarm quilt. I have one more customer quilt to do before Christmas, then I have to squeak in a table runner, presently unfinished, and a wedding gift for Christmas) and a lap quilt. The lap quilt is a Christmas gift also, and if it gets quilted, excellent, if not, well she will understand.


I have been quite busy sending out patterns to various stores and quilters. Good news for the quilt shop owners out there, Checkers Distributing will now be carrying my patterns. This is excellent for all my US followers. Here in Canada, Erie Quilt Art is distributing patterns for Quilting by the River. For those of you who are just friends – you can still call me or order through my website. I always love to hear from quilters far and near.

With Christmas knocking at our door there is still time to get yourself a Stitching Lap Table. I discovered these a few months ago on one of my journeys and I can’t live without it. A multi adjustable table that sits on your lap. Perfect for applique (using with the apliquick tools, prepping Hexies, drawing lines on squares for half-square-triangles or just to use as a small lap table for writing, drawing (practicing your free motion motifs) or just about anything you would like to do in a chair but need a table.  My friend Anne, who is rather tall, loves it as it elevates her work surface, so her neck and shoulders no longer get sore.  The table comes with a free pattern, so you can make additional covers to match your own décor.  

I have 3 left until I order more in January. So, get Santa to me a shout and spend the holidays stitching merrily along while ringing in the New Year.  Click here to watch a video demonstration.

2019 is shaping up to be super exciting.  I will share more news in January. For now, I am looking forward to April and the Northern Ontario Quilting Symposium. This year’s guest instructor will be Sherida Giddings.  She is a Judy Neimyer Certified Instructor.   Sherida will be teaching the leaf series of patterns from Judy’s collection.  Posters and more information will be ready for the early part of January, but best start thinking of it now and register early as this is sure to be a big hit.  Sherida has also agreed to do a Trunk Show on Friday night (April 5, 2019) open to everyone. You will not want to miss this as her quilts are amazing.  

Now for pictures from the November Workshop “Quarry”. We had such a great time and what a terrific group of ladies. Everyone made wonderful progress, I have been sent pictures of some of the finished quilts. Send in those pictures ladies so I can add them to the gallery for everyone to see

Well my long arm is calling and time is ticking so Thanks for dropping by, Until next time, stay safe, keep warm and throw out the list!!

Feeling Blessed!


Hello Friends. Happy November! Today I’m actually at our new river house steeling a few hours to myself. It has been such a busy, exciting and unbelievable year. So today, while I sit here gazing out over the river, I am truly feeling blessed. First off for our new cottage/river house. It is becoming a place where I feel peace and calmness. Things we all search for in our ever so frantic lives. Next, and much to our joy and surprise, our oldest daughter and son-in-law bought a house just outside the city. Now we can visit more often and enjoy all the things that come with having them closer to home.

October had the family flying to England for our youngest daughter’s wedding. I do believe that this is as close to a fairy tale wedding as I could have imagined. The sun even came out for the afternoon when the festivities began. You will all be proud of me for not “blubbering” during the day as I tried to cry with dignity (“dab under your eyes”, the makeup lady said) as the special moments grabbed at my heart strings.


Most recently, I have felt the generosity and love from my special quilting friends. I do feel blessed to know, and be part of, such a talented group of people. Recently, I had a few of these friends to the River House for some stitching and catching up. I was so touched when Daintry gave me a miniature of our joint collaboration (a pattern coming out this spring) to hang here at the cottage.

A few weekends ago I popped into our local arts and crafts show. I bought a few tickets on a quilt that they were raffling off. It was made by one of my dear and special quilting friends. Guess what, I won it! When something like that happens to someone like me, everyone asks, “What are you going to do with another quilt?” Answer, Put it on my bed and feel the love!


Walking through the show I spotted a wall-hanging. All of a sudden it was in my arms and coming home with me. It’s great when your friends do techniques that are not your forte, so Thank you, Fran, I love my landscape and it will look great here at the river. So as the year nears its end I will put 2018 down as one of the busiest, exciting and most eventful in recent history.

Not much action in the studio these past few weeks, but right before I left for England I had just enough time to put my “Mini Citrus” together.

When I decide to play with a new technique and begin construction I’m full of excitement and motivation, driven by the promise of a new creation. But, as soon as the project goes up on my design wall and the daunting task of finishing looms before me I lose interest all my motivation fades and procrastination sets in. The fun part for me is over. What part of quilt construction tries your patience and motivation?

Stitching at the River House with Friends.

Stitching at the River House with Friends.

Next weekend is my Quarry Workshop. I know the quilters are just itching to get into this new technique that we are going to work on. The Shaded 9-patch unit is so versatile and fun to make. Along with the workshop they will be the first to get my new pattern Quarry. It will be available for purchase right after my workshop so check out the store section of my website or ask for it at your local quilt shop. There will be lots to do in the next few weeks as the Christmas season begins to loom in the horizon. AG! Time to start another list.

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, quilt lots and check out this year’s Christmas fabric.