What's Next!

Hello Friends!  The Carolina Lily workshop has come and gone.  The ladies and I had a great time sewing and talking, laughing and eating...   It was so nice to get together with quilters I haven't seen for ages.  We were able to catch up on lost time.  I added new quilters to my "Friend" list, as we pieced away the two days together.   

The photos of the finished tops are starting to come in as everyone is anxious to get the tops finished.

Photo 2014-10-28, 9 50 35 AM.jpg

So "What's Next?"  Well I'm busy getting ready for the next workshop.  Northern Neighbours, a pattern by Deb Tucker, is the next workshop I will be hosting.  The date is booked for April 10, 11, 12, 2015 at the Holiday Inn on Regent St. in Sudbury, Ontario.  The poster is in the works and will be posted here on my website shortly.  

But things still stitch along here at the studio with regular classes, long arm quilts to be quilted and life in general.  Christmas is fast approaching, and the quilters are starting to get the quilts ready for gift giving.   My docket is now full, and I will not be taking in anymore quilts to be long-armed for Christmas.

The weatherman is threatening snow for the days ahead.  So, Brody and I will have to find our warmer coats for our walks in the afternoon.  Today however, it is pouring rain.  It is rather gloomy, which for this time of year is normal.  Yesterday, we had a few visitors in the morning, and now Brody will be on leash for his early morning outside adventures. 

That's all for today friends.  Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, keep dry and keep quilting.