Where are you?

Hello Friends.  February in Canada sends a lot of folks to warmer climates.  I happen to be one of those folks.  Friday I arrived in Barbados to visit with my sister.  We are close to the beach.  Its hot, sunny and really blue.  I guess as a quilter I'm allowed to describe a feeling with a colour. In this case "blue" does not describe cold like icy winter, but blue like warm and tropical.  Try it and see if you can describe places and  feeling with colour.   

There is not much quilting going on at the beach as it is just to hot.  I am however, taking lots of photos to add to my collection for later colour inspiration.  I love fall for all mother natures offers in golds browns, burgundy and the lot.   Here, I am drinking up the brilliant greens, blues reds pinks.....  Well you get the picture.  I will post more as I wander about.  I'm still sitting on the beach and trying not to look so pale.

Well lunch time is over and its time to head back to the blue!  Thanks for dropping by,  Till next time be pink and merry!