Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

Hello Friends!   I am just getting back to a somewhat reasonable pace.  Since my return from holidays in Barbados, I have not stopped.  March was taken up by a project, that I can not mention as of yet, but will fill you as soon as I can.  Boy, am I excited about this one!  Towards the end of March, I spent a wonderful week with my fellow Studio 180 Certified Instructor.  We were not only able to get caught up with each others lives, but spent some valuable time learning creating and sharing ideas.  We were busy making new blocks, playing with new techniques and had a little time leftover to begin new quilts.


 Some of the CIs (Certified Instructors) have articles and quilts in up and coming magazines.  Kathy Beltz was featured in the latest issue of Quilters Newsletter, and Katrina Thomas will have her quilt in the summer issue of Fons and Porters Scrappy Quilts magazine. 

A few weekends ago, I held my last class with the Ladies of Lemoyne. This group of quilters spent the last 6 months learning the different techniques that are possible with the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Ruler.  They did not disappoint!  Their block creations were wonderful.  They are ready now to move on to designing quilts of their own.  Way to go ladies. 


I received a picture from one of the quilters who joined me in October for my Carolina Lily workshop.  During the workshop she purchased a few Studio 180 patterns and rulers.  Here is a photo of her quilt Signs of Autumn.  Paulette it is beautiful.  Well done! 

This weekend I will be hosting my Northern Neighbours Weekend Workshop.  Three days of quilting, laughing and creating.   I just know we are going to have a blast!  I will not be able to post an update or photos form the workshop for a few weeks as my husband and I are off to jolly old England to visit with our youngest daughter. I will be back and ready for more quilting adventures in May.   

Before I sign off for now, I wanted to leave you with a tip I picked up from one of my dear friends.  I love Aurifil thread, but it has no where on the spool to attach the thread end for storage.  She came up with this idea to use one of the many foam ear plugs she has, the kind you wear to block the sound of your husbands snoring.  You stuff the thread end into the top where the hole is and then stuff a foam earplug into the hole.  This holds the thread there until your ready to use it again.  Who'd of thought!  Another great idea of multi-purposing again, brought to you by the creative minds of quilters.   LOL

That's all for now friends,  The sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and soon the outside chore list will begin again for another season.  So, make good use of your last few weeks with snow on the ground and get quilting.  Till next time, Stay safe, be creative and have fun!