Holidays and Hunter's Star #3

Photo by Nathan Langley.  Visit to see more of his work.

Photo by Nathan Langley.  Visit to see more of his work.

Hello Friends!

If anyone was wondering I am sure you all could have guessed I was on holidays… YIPPIEEEEEE!

Everything has been wonderful. Both our children were home and this time for more than just a few days! We most of our time at our “Camp” on the lake. The weather was beyond fantastic with temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s. The sky and water were so blue they simply do not make a crayon for comparison. 

Typically we do exactly what the Camp was intended to be for: lounging, sunning, relaxing and just enjoying being together. I had the best view while doing some leisurely stitching. Even Brody couldn’t pass up the chance to sit and take it all in.


Then, of course, there is dinner… and breakfast and lunch… and snack-time and that funny hour in between meals when you just need a “nom-nom-can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-not-even-hungry-really-shouldn’t-but-if-everyone-else-is-ok-sure-I-will-too” sorta time. What is it about holidays that makes food taste so good!? And why is there so much?! But, that is what it is all about I guess and I’m not winning any awards in my bikini anyways.

Now, I’m back home! Feeling super refreshed, slightly larger, slightly more tanned, slightly more BEHINDDDDD!!!

I have no food in my cupboards and there are pieces of paper with cryptic messages on then that I left myself from before holidays started that I don’t know what they mean anymore!  I found a cobweb ON MY SEWING MACHINE. It is not ok….

Regardless, now that the children are leaving and everyone is getting back to their normal schedules I too am getting back to business.

Ready, set, GO! – Please feel free to call/email for questions or registration for the Hunter’s Star Extravaganza Workshop coming up at the end of October. Ohh I am so excited! There are still spaces but things are filling up quick so drop me a line and reserve asap. 

Hunter’s Star #3 Sample is now completed (but not quilted, teehehe!). This sample shows large-scale print focus fabric and coordinating colours. For this sample I used 8 fat-quarters of a fabric line and 2m of a background and the focus fabric was also used in the boarder. I am including a picture of Debbie Kalenty’s Hunter’s Star quilt (a fellow Studio 180 certified instructor), which was featured in Deb Tucker’s book called Hunter’s Star Hidden Treasures. Basically, you can see how any fabric works with this construction technique, even large scale print.

"La Belle" Designed and pieced by Deborah Kanenty,  Quilter's Obsession

"La Belle" Designed and pieced by Deborah Kanenty,  Quilter's Obsession

So if you have in your cupboard one of those fat quarter-packs that you don’t know what to do with… here’s a perfect opportunity to use it before it MOLDS (LOL :D). You know, the ones you bought when you went into the store just to have a look around but then got it because you simply couldn’t leave it behind! Don’t hide… I know you did it!

Hopefully, your holidays have all been fabulous too. Send me pictures or share your stories. It may be short but by golly it sure is great!

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time: stay safe, dust your quilt room and watch out for the bears!