New Year's Wishes

Hello Friends.  Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!  We had a very strange holiday season. Lauren had to work, so she stayed in the UK for Christmas.  I guess I knew this would happen at some point, but down one kid just felt “different”.  We had a terrific windstorm the night before Christmas Eve, which caused a tree to fall on the power lines down the road and thus no power.  Like so many in our area, Christmas Eve meant an adjustment in the menu.  With the fridge and freezer packed with extra holiday food, we were getting a little concerned. The power was restored about 3:00pm Christmas day.  Just enough time to cook the ham and perogies and make that dinner we were all waiting for. All in all the three of us shared many a memorable moment, but this one will definitely be talked about for years.

One of my gifts this year was a colouring type book. It seems to be all the rage right now.  As a quilter and longarmer, I have been doodling and doing “Zentangles” for several years now.  I do great with scrap paper, but haven’t been able to mark up the pretty pages in this book.  What if I do something I don’t like? It is just so new and pristine!  One of my many quirks I have to overcome.  How about you, did you get a colouring book this year? If so, do we share the same issue?

Another popular thing to do, to mark the beginning of a new year is to pick a “Word of the Year”.  A new year marks a new beginning, a time of change.  Many websites and blogs reflect on the multitude of quilts still unfinished and a vow to complete them. (Ha, Ha good luck with that!  Besides isn’t it the few unfinished quilts part of what makes quilters, quilters!).  Many start diets and fitness routines in hopes of change for better life styles.  After contemplation of a “Word of the Year”, I chose GROWTH.


The act of picking a word cannot change the chaos in our daily lives. It can, hopefully, help us become more aware of the change we seek.  I seek to grow in all aspects of my life, personally, professionally and creatively. Like creating patterns to help other quilters grow their abilities. Pushing myself not to be afraid to colour in the pages on my new book!  I invite you to grow with me as we explore and tackle the many layers of quilting in 2016.

Well that was reflective, but what have I been up to in the studio you ask?  Well, I’ve been making Lemoyne Stars.  I am busy putting together the samples for my workshop in April.  We will be exploring several of the construction techniques that are doable with Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler by Deb Tucker.  It does more then one star!   So to combine a few techniques, I have chosen to teach the Flying Swallows block.  Here is a sneak peek. 


I will have more information available soon on the website so stay tuned for complete details.   

Well, thats about it for now.  Brody is now tapping at my leg.  I think it's time we go for our walk.  Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, keep warm and "grow".