Oh Goodness I found myself thinking of Christmas!

Hello friends.  I've been at camp for the better part of 3 weeks now.  This really cuts into my quilting time. I tried  to find time, when the family retreats to their quiet place, to do some planning, sketching and writing.

Today, a spec of anxiety crept in, when I realized that September is just around the corner, and with that so is - wait for it - Christmas.  With the family all at home (Lauren and Anthony here for holiday from the UK) there was the odd conversation about the plans for Christmas. 

This year I am really going to try to get organized, make a plan and start early. One big item on my “To Do” list is a full size quilt that I make as a gift for one of the employees at my husbands office.  I started this last year with a double bed size Hunter’s Star for our Assistant Joy.  Not sure who is next on the list but with limited piecing time for personal quilts I think I’d better start something soon.  

A while back I made the “Little Lacy Bag” by Border Creek Station.  This would be a great little gift for those special friends or family.  They stitch up quick and the Lacy Zipper is just so cute. 

Last Christmas I noticed that some of my wall hangings and seasonal table runners were getting other “old and used” looking .  We never really think about these things until we get to decorating mid-December and then - it’s to late!

So I’ve decided to make a list on my white board of all the things I’d like to get made.  Prep the fabric cutting, necessary appliqués and such, so when I have a fee Sunday, (this is where we have a good belly laugh) pull out the project and “Voila” Done!  

 If you have trouble sticking to a plan like I do, we can check up on one another occasionally.  We can share our progress or any suggestions and modifications to the plan. So send along your emails or comment in the comments section and we will see if we can beat this Christmas creation dilemma.  Oh, that reminds me, I have several I need quilted.  Anybody know a longarmer?  LOL

As promised, in preparation for the November workshop,  here is another Storm at Sea design variation.  This one is scrappy and great for those who have a stash that needs reduction.  

Scrappy Storm at Sea

Scrappy Storm at Sea

Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, enjoy the rest of August and watch out for fall mums!