In the Good Ol Summer Time!


Hello Friends.  Just a sort chat this time around, because it is finally summer here in Northern Ontario.  The weather has been Hot, Hot, Hot. There has been very little rain, so, in turn, there has been numerous forest fires.  Like most northerners, Its a great time to be by the water.  This summer our little "camp" has changed as we have moved lakes and now enjoy our downtime in the French River area.  We will be spending a lot more time there so with camera packed you can look forward to new photos of my surroundings.  

For some of my quilting friends, this hot weather means more cool time in their sewing rooms.  I am anxious to see pictures of the quilts that were made during this hot summer of 2018.  I, on the other hand, have not spent much time quilting, however,  I am happy to report, that the new cottage has electricity and room for me to set up my sewing machine to do some quilting on those rainy days, or to hot days or anytime the feeling strikes me.  :)


The poster and registration form for my two day fall workshop are now ready and up on the Calendar section of the website.  Click here to see the details.   You can call me or send an email to register.  This years quilt "Quarry" is a real dream to put together.  I have not made it into a runner but the small size is great for a throw. As always, I am excited to teach everyone the tips and tricks to this new quilt and the technique that lends itself to so many possibilities.

Well time to turn on the Barbecue! Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, enjoy the weather, and please put on the sunscreen!