My big annoucement!

Hello Friends. I haven’t blogged all summer, on purpose I may add, but more so because for me, summer is a time to be outside, be with friends and family and work on a secret project. Secret Project? Secret because I didn’t want to have a deadline and make it stressful. So A few days ago I posted the opening of “The Loft” on my social media pages (Quiltingbytheriver -Facebook and instagram). Here’s the story: the Hubby and I purchased a new house on the French River last year, a place to eventually retire to. To my overwhelming excitement, it came with an apartment above the garage. So where does my brain go with an asset on the property such as a Loft house, you got it , quaint digs for art folks to come disconnect from daily life and immerse themselves in their hobby with a few close friends. The timing also worked out to my advantage, as the Hubby retired in June. He was then free to do renovations and keep him out of my hair so to speak. Really though if it wasn’t for his knowledge in all types of repairs The Loft would not have happened.

The Loft is not a full sized house, but a quaint space for spend time with a few close friend. I invite all types of hobbyists to come, not only quilters but knitters, stitchers, painters, writers etc.. If it’s quilting your into, the space is small so only 4 comfortably, 5 if you don’t complain. The Loft has three bedrooms: two with a queen bed in each and one with two double beds. I have a new page on my website dedicated to all you need to know, along with pictures so check it out here.

I am writing today using a new app on my IPad ( so pardon any errors and lack of pictures) as I am in the Toronto airport awaiting to board and fly to London UK to visit the youngest and new son-in-law I will be back mid month and ready to get down to business. Speaking of business may I remind everyone that time is flying by to register for my fall workshop in October. Click here for more information I have been made aware of all the things going on that weekend, but hay, what’s a girl to do! I am available by email, while I’m away, to register.

I will have more news about my summer and upcoming events soon, but for now,

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, grab those last few days of shorts weather and remember to clean your sewing machine for the upcoming quilting season