A Husband-less weekend

Hello friends.  Well its hunting season where I live and that means it’s time for my husbands’ annual weekend away with “the guys”.  That means Brody and I had the house to ourselves for three glorious days.

So, I cooked a large batch of vegetable soup and got down to some serious quiltin’!

Friday started off with a bang.  I finished sewing the double wedding ring together from my earlier post.  But at the end of it all, when I went to admire my final product, I realized I had accidentally rotated a melon right in the middle!  I inverted the colour sequence and sewed a whole star point in the wrong direction.

I guess at some point we all must get out the seam ripper and get down to some serious pickin’!

Silly Carla…..  after that I called it a day.

Saturday I reassessed my progress and was finally able to properly put my Star double wedding ring together.  It looked so good I packed it in the suitcase to take with me to Toronto for my trunk show that was on the 9th of October.

Then, with the design wall free at last, I began putting together Warm Winter Blessings, a quilt by Lisa Bongeon.  I have been appliqueing the wool felt snowmen all summer.

Sunday I fired up the long arm and quilted a customer quilt.  I was cleaning up just around the time my husband returned home.

All in all it was a good weekend.  Brody loved being the big man of the house and sleeping on the bed.  And it sure was nice to get down to some serious quiltin’!  Nothing beats the feeling of knocking a UFO off my list.  I even had time to have a few girlfriends drop by for tea and treats.  Now if only I had time for the bazillion other things I have to do!

Thanks for dropping by.