Annual CQA convention

Hello friends! It’s been so long since I have had time to blog that my posts are growing dust bunnies. :). I’ve been trying to book time each week to piece some samples that I would like to teach this fall. Well, “trying” is the key word here. Progress is being made and I am quite excited the results.
I have had some mechanical difficulties with my long arm so the quilts have been piling up. I’m glad that summer is here, as it seems to slow down a bit with everyone at the cottage and enjoying the outdoors.
I may just see the bottom of the pile soon.
Speaking of outdoors, have you had it with the black flies and mosquitoes yet? As good Canadians, if we can’t complain about the weather, we can always find something else. Today, it the bugs! So, I have been pretty content to find refuge from the little buzzing beasts in my studio, happily quilting. With luck, by July, I will be caught up, the bug will be less and I can enjoy the summer. One can always dream, right?
At present I am in St Catherine’s Ontario, attending the annual Canadian Quilters Association Convention. (No bugs here in the city.)
Opening day is tomorrow and I am excited to see all the quilts, what’s new, what’s hot. A little inspirational push again just to keep the momentum. I will keep you “posted” with my finds from the show.

That’s about all for tonight, thanks for dropping by. Wear your sunscreen and Happy Quilting!