Buffalo to Williamsport PA

Hello Friends.   Its been a long two days.  I left Sudbury Ontario, Saturday morning at 7am.  I made good time and was able to arrive at my daughters in Guelph by about 1pm.  I had a little visit and got Brody settled for his stay.  Dogs are smarter then we think!  He knew something was up when he saw the red suitcase roll out of the bedroom in the morning.  At the first opportunity, he was in the car and wouldn’t come out.  No way was he getting left behind.  

I made it as far as Buffalo NY, Saturday night and just in time.  The weather was turning nasty and it was raining with ice pellets. 

This morning when I awoke it was sheer disbelief.  Snow! I was south. Six hours south.  I didn’t bring boots!  :(

My drive to Williamsport, PA was actually very pretty.  There are mountains and valleys, rolling fields and farm land.  A misty fog was present for most of the drive.  At one point it was like a scene from a movie.  I crested a hill top only to be met by these towering wind turbines.  Some, only had the bases visible, as the tops were in the low lying cloud cover.  

Notice the snow.  Oh Ya! nice day for a drive!

Well I made it to the hotel.  My sewing machine is set up in the classroom and yes, I have met Deb Tucker.  Tomorrow, we are apparently doing some “power sewing”.  Hmmm!  Wonder what that really means. 

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.  Be safe, stay warm, and keep quilting.