Hello Spring! Where are you?

Hello Friends,   I am going to start off today with a picture taken by my pseudo son-in-law.  He is very creative and takes the most beautiful photos.  This one was taken along the trail that Brody and I enjoy walking along in the winter.  The trail itself wanders through a swamp area by the river.  When spring thaw begins and summer arrives this section is all flooded and we can no longer walk there.  In this photo the sun is beginning to make its mark on the ice and small melt holes are appearing.  Nathans photographs available on his website: 


  A few partridge have wandered by, leaving their tracks in the snow.  Now this photo was not taken this year.  No melting has happened, even though Thursday marks the first day of spring.  The weather forecast for tomorrow has with it a special weather statement, 10 to 15 cm of snow, just in case you where thinking of hanging up the shovel in the shed!

So, Brody and I went for our walk today around our loop in the back.  A rather nice day if you stay our of the wind.  The sun does have some strength to it.  You can feel it on your back when your walking.  The critters are feeling it too, as there seems to be more and more little footprints in the snow these last few days.  As our walk progressed today, I called out,”Spring, come and play. Where are you? Spring”!  Now with that said I’m sure your all thinkin’ I’ve gone a bit loopy.  You see, when I call out I feel as though I’m letting larger creatures know I’m coming, and well calling for spring can’t hurt, right?

Back in the studio we are pretty much just carrying on.  I’ve had a few new students start quilting.  Hello to you all!  It’s always nice to have newbies as it keeps me on my toes and a good refresher for the students who have been quilting for awhile and picked up some bad habits. With my pending Deb Tucker course coming up, I am still playing with the rulers.  This week I made a fussy cut Lemoyne Star.  I used a strip fabric by Stonehenge called Oh Canada.  

I thought it would be cool being that I am going to the USA for the course.  :)  

Well that about wraps it up for this week.  Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time, be safe, stay warm and keep your shovel handy.  Happy quilting!