I'm done with winter!

 Hello friends.  I am getting the feeling that much like me, most of you are “done with winter”.  It has been an exceptionally cold and snowy one this year.  We have had -30 C temperatures for weeks now and I can’t remember shoveling as much as I have been!  There are little breaks where the temperatures are tolerable (today was -14 feels like -24). Brody and I jumped on the opportunity to get outside for a walk and air out the cobwebs!

The studio has been busy with some quilts coming in to be long arm quilted, but mostly I’ve been working on new classes for the spring of 2014.  I will be in North Bay Ontario, April 12 &13, for a workshop on the Deb Tucker Rapid Fire Hunter Star and Lemoyne rulers.  

With the completion of the “Itty Bitty Pinwheel” I made over the holidays, I have been gathering some books and patterns featuring small quilts.  Sometimes small quilts give the same satisfaction with less time and money.  With that, these books and patterns are definitely worth a look.

 Miss Rosie’s quilt company also puts out patterns for small quilts under the name of Schnibbles.  These have to be the most adorable little quilts I’ve come across.  

Check out all the Schnibbles patterns at


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking to the quilters at the Dowling Quilters Guild. I had been invited to lecture on the proper application of borders and binding.  By coincidence, I had been surfing the internet earlier that day and came across a Youtube video by Sharon Schamber.  She has some very good tips and tricks, not to mention an interesting spin on how to apply binding.  Check it out if you have time.


That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by.  For those of you in the warmer parts of North America, please send us some heat!  Until next time stay warm, stay safe and keep quilting.