New quilter, new sewing machine!

Hello Friends.   It’s been a good week here at the studio.  I have all my sewing and cutting homework done for my course with Studio 180.  I’ve pulled my suitcase out of the closet, and have begun to form a pile of sewing notions and the likes in the corner of the studio.  I always have a problem deciding what to use as a carry all for my sewing “stuff”.  I have a multitude of quilted sewing totes for these things yet not really sold of just one of them. It’s going to come down to how big the pile will be in the end. I will probably need that wheeled cart for all my “stuff” when I arrive at the hotel.  Hey, I’m from Canada Ah!   Land of the cold and snow!  But I’m not going to whine about the weather this week.  There’s no snow in Williamsport Pennsylvania, I checked.  :)

I have a new quilter taking lessons at the studio.  A nice young lady with no sewing or quilting experience.  There are no bad habits to break, only a fresh mind mold and fill with the love of quilts.  It was quite exciting here this week as she bought her very first sewing machine.  She hadn’t even opened the box.

 It is always such a memorable moment when someone buys their first sewing machine, and best of all, I got to share in the excitement of it.  All was not sunshine and roses though.  After we had it unpacked and threaded it would not sew.  The thread kept breaking.  Well, I could see the disappointment in the girls eyes.  Now, I’m not new to machines, but I have to tell you this one had me stumped.  Nothing left to do but pack it back into the box and go ask for a new one.  As I was putting it into the box, I noticed a piece of clear tape across the front of the machine.  This tape was preventing the thread from going into the tension groove.  Could this have been the issue?  Back out of the box, my heart was thumping.  Oh joy,  it might be all right!  Zoom Zoom it sews like a dream.  I could see the elation in her eyes.  

 She was able to finish all her blocks for her first quilt.  I’m sure she has it sewn all together by now, as this little machine with the pink buttons has made someone very happy.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, be safe, stay warm and happy quilting.