Quilting companions


       Recently, a fellow quilter brought my attention to an article in  Threads magazine about quilting and our pets.  My day is spent most often spent in the company of our west highland terrier, Brody.  When I am at the long-arm, he is either curled up in my wing-back chair, or sleeping on the floor.  More times then not, he lies in my walking path as I travel with the long-arm.  I have been know to not disturb him, choosing instead to straddle his sleeping body while I’m quilting.  Brody also will sleep curled up at the feet of my sewing chair, something I have in common with the author of the Threads article.  However, I have to be very mindful of his whereabouts - there have been times where I’ve almost rolled over his tail with my chair. 

      Our pets become like members of our family.  Now that my girls are grown and living elsewhere, my constant companion has become my quilting critic.  Brody can be counted on to listen attentively as I mumble through my sewing errors, or sit patiently as I show off my latest quilting accomplishment.  He tilts his head as if he understands my frustrations or excitement.  On the days when I have classes at the house, and he sees the coffee tray being carried to the studio, he waits patiently by the door watching the driveway.  He knows they’re on the way.

I know that many of you have special quilting companions.  Cats who curl up beside the machines and dogs who would rather play instead of sleep while we sew.  

Whoever your special companion is, they are woven into our quilts as well as our hearts. 

Thank-you to my quilting ladies for sending pictures of their quilting companions.

Thank-you for stopping by.