September resolution

     ”Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, and the thrill of the creative     effort.”                                                                                                                         Franklin D. Roosevelt

     It’s funny how the start of a new season almost feels like the start of a new year.  I find it’s that way with fall.   I think it goes back to our school days, getting geared up for a type of work season.  With winter coming, we do not travel like we do in spring and summer.  Gone are those lazy hazy days.  We get down to the business of washing the windows, sparking up the fires and getting ready for a good four months, or more, of quilting.

       At this time, I also get reacquainted with the projects I left in progress from the early summer.

     I find however, this is easier said then done.  One project in-particular comes to mind.  Late last fall I found a pattern in an American Quilter magazine, for a double wedding ring with star in the centre.  I felt it, it called to me.  All excited, and pumped to get started, I gathered the fabrics.  I carefully traced and cut the templates. Oh it was going to,be great.  With the pieces all cut out they went onto the design wall.  Not too big, only four circles.  I’ve made double wedding ring quilts before, several in fact, I’ve taught the technique, this should be done in no time.  

   But, as I started to piece the melons together something happened.  It wasn’t exciting anymore.  It was on the wall, I had seen my vision develop into something concrete and now I felt, let down.  Done in a way!   Well it is still on my wall.  The same way I left it in May.  

        So now I begin again, trying to find that spark that allows us to finish our UFO’s, those PHD’s.  

Almost like a New Years resolution “this year I will finish my unfinished projects”. How hard can it be,

I don’t have that many, right?

       Thought you may like to see my fairy mushrooms.  I’ve never had mushrooms this big in the yard before.  So I’m making wishes and talking to the elves.  I know they live here.