Slow down, it's summer!

Hello Friends,   My sentiment for the past few weeks is “WHOOSH”! That’s how I feel my days are going.   Somehow, time has no measurable boundaries.   Summer brings a on a whole new list of things to do, along with a list of things you feel you should do just because it’s summer.   There is all the outside chores like flowers and general yard work, weekends are taken up with “the cottage”. There is the enjoying part because its summer, - “I should sit outside and enjoy the sunshine”.  Add that to staying up later because it is light out now till almost 10 pm, and you get “Whoosh”.   


Back in May my long arm quilting machine “Millie” developed issues.  The stitch regulator died and the repairs were not as straight forward as I would of liked. :(   I am glad to say that after 5 weeks we are back up and running, but behind.  This I feel has not been such a bad thing as it has given me time to get some much needed piecing done and develop some new classes.  My piecing has revolved around patterns  that use the “Deb Tucker” rulers.  I have selected a few which I feel will introduce students to the trouble free piecing that can be associated with working with these rulers. 

"SueNami" a wonderful pattern, is a play with the Hunter Star .

The latest, “Carolina Lily” uses the “Wing Clipper” ruler and a technique called migrating geese in the border.  The samples are not quilted yet! (Must add that to the “to do” list)  I have also been rewriting my “September Morn”  pattern to adapt it to the use of “Tucker” rulers.  The Corner Beam ruler makes such a nice job of the point of the leaf, and flying geese with the “wing Clipper”, well - just can’t live without it.  Oh Deb, where were your rulers a few years ago when I was making my quilt.

Well, my coffee cup is empty and time for a refill, so I’ll sign off for now.  I hope that you find time in your busy summer to tend to all the things that make your heart happy.

Thanks for dropping by, until next time, Happy Summer,  Happy Quilting, and stay safe!