Snow Snow go away!

Hello Friends,

  I know I’m not alone when I say that I am finding it hard to cope with the never-ending freezing temperatures and constant snow.  Sure, we all look forward to winter, spending those cold days curled up in our sewing rooms quilting away the hours.  But really! Temperatures of -17C, with the wind it feels like -27C (-16F).  Brody has decided that outside is just somewhere you go for a quick bathroom break.  He has now taken to sleeping in front of my supplemental heater.  The quilters here are warding off the winter crazies by furiously quilting.  I know this because recently they are bringing two and three quilts at a time to be long-arm quilted.

The studio on the other hand has been rather quiet.  Most of my quilting students have gone south to warmer climates.  This has freed up some much needed time for me to get caught up on some of my own quilting projects.  I have been playing with an array of rulers designed by Deb Tucker.  Rulers such as the “Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star” ruler

and the “Rapid Fire Hunter Star” ruler.

The samples I have been making are for a workshop I’ll be teaching in North Bay in April. They are also in preparation for a course I am enrolled in at the end of March.  You see, I will be attending the Deb Tucker teacher certification course in Pennsylvania. Let me just say that there is more to these rulers then meets the eye.  I will hopefully have time to post some pictures and updates during my week “at school”.

     Now I just have to share with you a little something one of the quilters sent to me.  I guess they didn’t have pajama days back then! LOL

Well that’s all for now friends.  Thank-you for stopping by, Until next time, be safe, stay warm and happy quilting.