Di-rects-ional quilt

Hello to the quilters in Western Canada

Hello Friends.  With the Quiltmaker Magazine now in full circulation, I’d like to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement.  A particularly warm ‘hello’ to everyone out west, and Auntie Rose especially. 

My mother-in-law’s family settled near North Battleford, Saskatchewan from the Ukraine 100 years ago this past July. Every 5 years, the big family gets together at the original farmstead. My first trip to North Battleford for a reunion was some 20+ years ago now. Countless pans of cabbage rolls, more perogies than I’d ever seen in my life, and so many kisses and hugs from strangers I got chapped lips! One of my favourite memories of the family reunion was the accordion music played at night by the local band. As the accordion band played polka music, the Finnish girl in me got excited and wanted to dance. But, my husband didn’t know how to polka (and still doesn’t, but he tries hard!). I don’t quite remember how, I was whisked onto the dance floor by Auntie Rose. I remember Auntie Rose,she is like a glass of champagne –  sparkly, bubbly, and when when she’s around you feel all warm inside. I remember swirling around the dance floor and feeling like one of the family. I will always treasure that dance with Auntie Rose. 

Click   Here   for more information on this book 

Click Here for more information on this book 

To raise money to offset the cost of the reunion, there was a silent auction. With 11 siblings, their children, and their children’s children, these events were substantial undertakings! Each sibling’s family was responsible for donating something to the auction table. I had just bought a new stained glass book by Brenda Henning with a wheat motif pattern I wanted to try, so I volunteered to make a table runner. The wheat motif was outlined in gold lamé and I couldn’t help but    think it a perfect piece to bring to the family wheat fields in Saskatchewan.


Wouldn't you know it, Auntie Rose was the highest bidder on my table runner. I remember her strutting around with it for the rest of the afternoon. It was such a hit that I had to make another one for my mother-in-law, and that’s the runner in the photo above.

A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from Auntie Rose’s daughter, Janice. Kindred quilter spirits had found each other again – Auntie Rose had stumbled upon my Di-RECT-tional pattern in QuiltMaker Magazine. Janice sent a picture with Auntie Rose holding up the magazine article and her message read, “Mom was overjoyed to receive a copy of the magazine featuring your beautiful handiwork. She even dressed to match the burgundy border!”. Although we don’t get to see them very often, it sure would be nice to have a quilting day out west – and maybe perhaps enjoy some champagne while we’re at it!  

This post is for Auntie Rose, sending love and kisses from out east - xo.

I hope you enjoyed this little story of my past and present.  Until next time, stay safe, watch the leaves change colour and call your Auntie!