Leaves in quilts

"All the leaves are brown...."

Only the mighty oak still has leaves.

Only the mighty oak still has leaves.

Hello Friends.  I'm probably giving my age away, but as I went for a walk the other day, a song ran through my head.  "California Dreamin" by "The Mama's and the Papa's",  played over and over as I walked.  Ha! I remember the words too, how about you?  Yes, the leaves are almost all on the ground and grey is beginning to be the colour of the horizon.  To fight this lack of stimulation I packed up my quilting stuff and headed to Perth last week.   I had a great time with the quilters of the Ottawa Valley and especially those of the Lanark County Quilters Guild.  

I was first at Sew Crafty. A wonderful quilt shop just outside of Perth Ontario, on Rideau Ferry Road.  Sue, the owner and all the girls who work there, were so helpful.  I did a Studio 180 tools and techniques demo/lecture to a group of quilters (including some men folk as well).  Tuesday morning we gathered to begin our construction of the Northern Neighbours Quilt pattern.  

I'm sure there were a few nervous ladies as the block revealed several units.  As the day progressed, Voila!  Pointy, points and easy peasy construction.  

It wasn't long before we had leaves - beautiful leaves!

Getting quilters together, and showing them how much fun it is to make pointy points and blocks with multiple units is one of my favourite things to do.  Thank you quilters.

Well a few days to organize myself and off again this weekend.  Halloween finds us quilting at the Holiday Inn is Sudbury, Ontario.   My Hunter's Star Extravaganza is sure to be a "hoot" as I can't wait to see if anyone dresses up.  LOL   Check back in to catch the zany costumes sure to be worn by the quilters during the workshop.  I'm packing treats for all with lots of Hunter's Star tricks to share with everyone.   

Well time to go get some quilting of my own done.  Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, make quilts and Happy Halloween everyone.