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Winter, a time to create!

“September Morn” first published 2006

“September Morn” first published 2006

Hello Friends. Wonderful things happen when we give ourselves time to be creative. That’s exactly what I did the week of February 4th to the 8th. I spent some alone work time at the River House and was able to write two new patterns. The first on is Castle Lilies and will hopefully be available for April. The second one is September Morn. This one I self published back in 2006 but since then a lot has changed with respect to new tools available and rewriting the pattern seemed a must. The leaf uses the Corner Beam™ tool by Studio 180 Design and of course the flying geese have to be done with the Wing Clipper. I am expecting that pattern to be ready for sale by late spring. Let’s give it a date like late May, because with the amount of snow we have and have been continually getting it may be June before I see grass.


Sign ups for Symposium are going well and there are still a few spots left, so if you're still thinking about it, I’d advise you make some plans as you don’t want to miss out on this workshop. The Trunk Show by Sherida Giddings on the Friday Night before is going to be amazing and you do not need to participate in the workshop to attend. Tickets are available at Cindy Bee’s Quilt Shoppe in Espanola, Country Quilter in Sudbury and Cottage Quilter in Corbeil Ontario.

You can also give me a shout and I will put one aside. Tickets will also be available at the door for those last minute folks finding themselves free and able to attend.


I finished my Hand Quilting sample and I will be a class at Cindy Bee’s Quilt Shoppe on Monday March 18, 2019. I was also able to borrow a small sampler from my buddy Daintry just to show off how beautiful hand quilting is and let quilters know that you do not need to hand quilt large projects. Keep it small and have fun! During this class I will also be teaching Big Stitch Quilting, which is so hot right now. I have been working on my sample and I am enjoying the speed and little pizzaz it gives to the project. If you would like to attend give the shoppe a call and sign up. Cindy Bee’s Quilt Shoppe (705) 869-2548

Hand Quilting “mini” by Daintry Chitaroni

Hand Quilting “mini” by Daintry Chitaroni

I have been receiving pictures of “Quarry” the workshop quilt from November. I love seeing what everyone has done. I post them in the Gallery page of the website so go have a look at all the lovely quilts from quilters near and far.

With all the wintery weather we have experienced lately, quilters are nestled down in their quilting spaces pumping out some beautiful quilts. One of my students recently dropped this off for me to longer quilt. May I say, “Look what happens when you give quilters a tool that works wonders”. This is a Lemoyne Star with an appliquéd flower on top, surrounded by a courthouse steps. Way to make that Rapid Fire Lemoyne tool work for you!


I have also recently received feedback about the use of plates. I teach with plates and if you don’t know what that is, you will just have to attend one of my workshops to find out. Here is a photo from one of my students who just can’t quilt without them.

That seems to all my news for now, Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, quilt lots and give yourself some creative time.

Soon I will be "hot, hot, hot!

Oh look the chairs are waiting for us!

Oh look the chairs are waiting for us!

RiverRocks_PatternCover_red-2 copy.jpg

Hello Friends.  Sorry for my absents, my "to-do" got the better of me.  With our upcoming vacation to the sun and the beach, I have been trying to get uber prepared for my spring schedule.  Well "trying" is a good word and not the one I had picked for the year.  I have been busy getting my next pattern off the ground and it should be ready for the printer when I return from vacation.  "River Rocks" has been long overdue and I have had the mind to rename it from its original "Di-Rects-ional" as it appeared in the Quiltmaker magazine.  

Deb Tucker and Studio 180 Design has put out a new book featuring queen and king size quilts made using the Large Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler.  Yours truly had the honour of having two quilts featured in the book along with recognition to my dear friend Catherine Sloan who did an amazing job quilting the two pieces.  The book has a full page highlighting a portion of "Fractured Squares" to show off the quilting.  I am truly grateful to Catherine for working her magic and taking on these quilts.  Many, many thanks once again my friend.   

So I have to take a minute and let you in on a story.  When I made "River Rocks", my hubby didn't like the title.  He was not convinced that it represented a river flowing around rocks.  Actually what he saw were alien eyes.  Well now I can not look at that quilt without seeing all those centre four-patches (the eyes) looking at me.  Fast forward to the recent quilt featured in the Royal Treasures book called Diamond in the Rough.  He says " is that all you make are quilts with eyes"?  Ok so if you turn the quilt sideways it may look like eyes, or like my friend said, "big owl eyes"!  Oh dear whats a quilter to do? LOL

Galaxy - love my V-block tool!

Galaxy - love my V-block tool!

There's a new quilt in the studio these days.  Welcome to "Galaxy". A quilt designed by Deb Tucker, and features the V Block™,  Not to be confused with the "Corner Beam", this unit looks like a "V".  I love this unit and have had a love affair with it for years.  I used this unit in many of my quilts years back when we used the "Tri-Rects" ruler.  Now with the V Block tool, this unit is easier then ever to get and keep those points pointy.  Galaxy will be an In-Studio workshop where you and your friends can come and learn to not only use the tool but make the block that makes up the quilt.  If that is not in your schedule then perhaps I might suggest joining me for Finishing School during the Northern Ontario Quilting Symposium and start this quilt with my help.  

There is still room for you to join Tracy Russell as she shares her designs in the Symposium weekend workshop.  Also i invite you to sign up and spend the weekend quilting with yours truly as we tackle those UFO's and difficult quilts that we took on and never finished.  For more information and how to register click here

With winter in full swing and everyone busy hibernating in their sewing rooms I invite you to send along pictures of the quilts you have been working on.  I would love to share your work with all our friends here at Quilting by the River.  So grab that camera or fancy phone and snap a photo. Your project today is our project for tomorrow.  

As I add to my daytime I noticed that it has inspirational quotes on the pages.  So I will end todays post with this little thought.


Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, quilt lots and eat some leafy greens!