Quilt of Belonging

Going to a Quilt Show

Hello Friends.  Part of being a quilting teacher is keeping up on all the new techniques that are out there for quilters to try.  You also have to be in touch with what quilters in your area are doing and what they may want to learn.  It is for that reason that I just have to attend as many quilt shows as possible.  You may even say "its my job!"   :)   Well that is what I tell my family and I know that your not going to give my secret away.  That is what I am doing this weekend.  I am going with my good quilting buddy to Manitoulin Island to their quilt show.  Now this is a special show because the "Quilt of Belonging" will be there.  

The Quilt of Belonging consists of 263 11-inch fabric squares, 70 representing all Aboriginal groups, 193 featuring all immigrant nationalities in Canada, and finally the Canadian block.  Click here to read more 

Thanks for dropping by.  See you at the quilt show!