Quilted gifts

I'm making lists and checking them twice!

Hello Friends.  Today, Brody and I took a time out from quilting and went for a walk.  We ventured onto our favourite trail behind the house, where he could be off leash and explore.  I must admit I have been a bit lazy in the walking department.  Can you ever fall out of routine fast if you let yourself.  We have had a few snowy, rainy days lately, which makes me ponder why I got a white dog!!

Enough about the dog, and more about what has been happening in the studio lately.  Well, a few weeks ago I showed you a picture of my fabric I bought for my next Hunter’s Star.  It is a 4-colour Hunter’s Star as the star points are different (red and white) from the body of the block. 

This particular quilt will be a Christmas gift for a very special friend. Ok, so I’m quilting like a crazy person into the night. Why do we leave things like this to the last minute.  I thought about it in September.  Hey, there was lots of time.  

I will take a picture of the finished quilt before I send it off.  

On Monday I took a Carla day and went to Cindy Bee’s quilt shop for a class.  I mean I was the student.  It was so nice to have someone else do all the thinking for a change.  I knew I wouldn’t take the time to get the topper done on my own so off I went and Voila!  Just a few more spaces to quilt and on the table it goes.

With Christmas in a few weeks, (Yikes) my focus is on getting things ready ahead of time so that I can spend it with family and friends.  That means I have lists.  I have lists that refer to lists!  One of my lists is a gift list.  Now I know that everyone has that person on their list that you just do not know what to get them.   

If I may suggest that perhaps that person would like to attend one of my workshops.  There is the Quilting Symposium coming up in March.  Then my spring workshop in April.  Give me a shout to register that special someone for a workshop.  A weekend away quilting - what a fun gift for that special quilter in your family.  

Oh, look at the time.  Got to get the supper on the table.  Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time, stay safe, make lists and get out for a walk!