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Winter, a creative time!

Hello Friends!   I have a love, hate, relationship with winter!  On the one hand I love winter.  Brody and I can go for walks on the trails around the property and I don't worry to much about creatures.  There are no lists of outside chores other then some shovelling.  This is good for the waistline and a "pain in the back"!  How about watching a movie all curled up under a quilt and stitching binding, and then there's loads of creative quilting time.  The hate part - its just cold!  One of the best things for me at this time of year is to spend time with other quilters.  I had that opportunity last weekend with the ladies from the Sudbury District Quilting and Stitchery Guild.  The workshop was on quilt marking and planning.  There were funny stories, silly mistakes, and a whole lot of fun and creativity.  Thanks ladies, can't wait to do it again! 

In a week or so I will be off to the sunny south with my sister.  She is treating me to a holiday in Barbados!   Gotta love your sister!  Hubby is staying home to mind the farm sort of speak.  So I'm busy getting some stitching ready for the plane and perhaps any quiet time or the need to touch some fabric and thread.  I thought the Summer Blooms by Primitive Gatherings would be a good choice to bring as it is small and needing to get done.  

When I was in my studio I got side tracked, as it often happens, and spotted a book and some fabric I had picked up awhile back.  Now its on my brain all the time.  I think when I get back I'm going to have to get a few of these lovely mini quilts put together.  I'm feeling a club starting! 

In an earlier post, I had told you about the marathon quilting episode my daughters and I had done over the holidays, trying to get a quilt finished for Lauren's boyfriend before she flew back to London.  Well she has sent a picture for everyone to see. 

Gotta love those Studio 180 rulers.  Here, this quilt features the Tucker Trimmer 1 and the Square Squared.  He's a lucky fella!

I'm hoping to figure out how to blog on my IPad.  LOL  I will be gone for a few weeks. I promise not to post to many pictures of the sun and the beach. :)  I will let you know if I discover any great finds.  When I return home, it's a quick change and off to spend time with the quilters of the Lanark CountyQuilters Guild.  I'm so looking forward to new adventures with Storm at Sea.  Get ready Quilters! 

Well, it's getting about time to put the Brody out for his nightly walk about.   I thought I'd share this picture.  It was sent to me via Facebook.  I'm assuming it is a Westie, and it make me break out laughing every time I look at it.  So, if your in the winter blahs and you like dogs, this ones for you!

Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, stay warm and quilt on!