my best friend

Girls day out!

Hello Friends.   I was walking around the yard the other day and noticed that the potted flowers were getting, well, drab!  I started searching on Pinterest for ideas to spruce up the entrance to the studio.   The answer, Fall Mums!   Call it coincidence, but just when I think of going to the greenhouse, my long time best friend calls and says, "Hey want to take a trip to the greenhouse?"

Now, I don't know what happens to us when we go to the greenhouse, but all ability to resist temtaion goes out the window. All that golden yellow, rusty brown and orange, OMG!! My bestie is one of those friends who knows all the plant names in Latin,  (don't you just hate that!)  and has the most amazing gardens at her house.  So, she is no help on the resistance front when plant shopping,  She loves them all!!


As we enter the greenhouse, a very nice man informs us that ALL Fall Mums are on SALE!  Well need I say more. 

Now the entrance to the studio has a few weeks of lovely fall mums before the frost hits them and I start looking for winter greenery.  

It's been nice to spend some time this week at my sewing machine.  I have been away from my Juki for so long that I forgot which way the bobbin goes in.  LOL.  I have one more Hunter's Star sample to finish, but thought I'd give you a sneak peek so that you can get a feel as to how different each one has tuned out.  I tell you there is no end to the possibilities.  Remember, the blocks are not sewn together, but I will post the finished picture later. 

Hunter's Star Sample #4.  8 different fat quarter colours and 2m background.  My favourite so far!

Hunter's Star Sample #4.  8 different fat quarter colours and 2m background.  My favourite so far!

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Time for some TV before bed.  Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, Stay safe, take in the sunshine, and go find some mums.