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I'm back and ready to get down to business!

Windsor Castle, London UK

Windsor Castle, London UK

Hello Friends. I wrote an entire blog post on the plane so that when I got home I would add photos and hit send. Well, as life would have it, my draft is gone. The computer goblins ate it and it is just not there. That’s how it goes some days I guess. No worries, I will just think of it like laundry, one minute you’re all up to date and the next you’ve got a full basket. LOL

Why we go to England!

Why we go to England!

I have just returned from our two weeks in London UK visiting our daughter. It is so different from here. I must admit I do love it. The inner city of London not so much, but the country side. We spent our visit in the country side this trip. First, three days in the Cotswolds. Quiet, Quaint and lots of hiking. Pubs, gotta like pubs! Comfort food and interesting folks to talk to. It’s all good. Lauren brought us to Windsor Castle and St George’s Chapel. It is cool to think the Queen lives there and the Chapel is where Harry and Meagan got married. Just like on TV!

Back at home now, with a few days to get adjusted to the time again. I’m getting ready for a few of my US Certified Instructors who will be arriving at the end of the month. Now there’s a group of obsessed quilters. Quilt, eat, Quilt, eat, Quilt, eat, Quilt, sleep, repeat. Oh there may be some Cheesies and bevies enjoyed in there, but it is pretty hard core on the quilting side. We have a blast and I can’t wait to see them all again. As always there will be a head full of new projects and techniques, as we all do different kinds of quilting. Stay tuned for stories and pictures.

Mid October is my workshop (click here for more information). Now there is quite a lot of quilting events happening in and around the area so registrations have been slow. If your sitting on the fence I urge you to sign up soon. I am really hoping that I will not have to cancel. I will keep you all up to date and will know by the end of the month. Here is a picture of River Rocks made by Martha Mosher. Martha made her quilt scrappy and it looks so cool and so different from mine. I just love it! Thanks for the picture Martha. Send along your pictures of your quilts either from my classes or my patterns. I post them on the Gallery page of my website. Go have a look, Its a great place for colour ideas as well.

River Rocks by Martha Mosher.jpg

That’s about it for now. I can see a tint of red on the trees across the river and the fog rolls over the water in the mornings when we wake up, a sure sign that fall in here and a new season is upon us. That means it Quilting time, so thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, enjoy our beautiful fall days and check your seam ripper - it may be dull!

All thing Quilty at Quilt Canada


Hello Friends. I wanted to take a few moments and share some of my favourite quilts from my trip to Ottawa last week to Quilt Canada. Let’s begin by saying that the ladies that I meet over the few days, were all happily enjoying some away time with their besties. My Hubby officially retired On June 1st and he had only been home a few days when I to shared the sentiments of enjoying some girlfriend getaway time. I was especially excited to actually see my quilt hanging at the national show for all to see. I had been a group venture as I designed and pieced the quilt “Castle Lilies”, while my dear friend Daintry Chitaroni designed the appliqué and did needle turn appliqué. The piece was Long arm quilted by Kelly Schroeder of Cottage Quilter. Each of these ladies added their creativity and expertise to this special quilt. We did not get a ribbon, but just the honour of being selected is enough.

Walking through the show, I was even more cemented in my deep appreciation of traditional quilts and the piecing that is involved in their creation. An example of this is the flutter and missed beats my heart made when I set eyes on an amazing work of excellent piecing. Diane Carson and Anne Boudoin received the award for Excellence in Piecing for their entry. This quilt had our group making plans for our own quilt of itty bitty pieces. The quilt quilt is made of little 1/2” squares. Can you believe it?

A big “Way to Go” goes out to my dear friend Lynn Binney, who’s thread painting of her dog was also in the National Show. I feel a bit proud and excited as I was able to see this in a few stages of development. I know that Lynn put her heart and soul into this piece this special acknowledgement was well deserved. I can’t wail to see what Lynn comes up with next.


I am off to the Vermont Quilt Show tomorrow morning, as I will be spending some time with a few great friends in their booth. If you're heading that way please drop in to the Lynn Wheatly Design booth and say a big Canadian Hello. There is a new tool out by Studio 180 Design called the Wedge.. It is a 45 degree triangle and makes the coolest units. Here is my sample of the free pattern off the back of the tool directions.


Lastly, the date is set for the fall Workshop and the posters are in the works. Things move slower in the summer as everyone is away enjoying the sunshine, but the poster should be ready in a few weeks and registration can begin. In the meantime, save the date, phone your Quilty friend and stay tuned for the project or projects reveal. What? Projects? More than one? Here is a sneak peek.


Well, I have organizing to get to for my departure in the morning, Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, stay safe, play outside and go find a challenging quilt project.

Have Quilts will travel!

Northern Neighbours by Margerate Hautanen of Timmins

Northern Neighbours by Margerate Hautanen of Timmins

Hello Friends. It’s been a month of Trunk shows and workshops, but more than that, it’s been a month of meeting new quilters and making new friends. It was another wonderful workshop for the Northern Ontario Quilting Symposium. The quilters did a great job paper piecing with Sheida Giddings and I am pleased to say that most finished their projects. For those who attended and now have a completed runner or set of placemats, send along your photos for all of us to enjoy.

Have quilts will travel and this was no exception for me during the month of April. After Symposium, I was invited to the Brant Heritage Guild to share my quilts and have a small table of Studio 180 tools and related items for sale. What a great group of quilters and so enjoyed their company during supper as a small group and I went to their favourite restaurant where I was reminded of the show “Cheers” as the server knew everyone by name. What a hoot!

Brant Heritage Guild 2019.jpeg

The day after Brantford, found me at the Creative Arts Festival in Toronto where I bumped into my friends Tracey Russell of Whirls n swirls Quilting and Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station. In case you’re wondering, Yes, I did do some shopping. Who could resist those super cute mini kits that Border Creek Station has for sale and they just seemed to jump into my shopping bag.

Saturday was a hoot as I spent the day with the quilters of the Mississauga Quilters Guild. I was able to have them all well on their way creating with the Shaded 4-Patch technique from Studio 180 design. Ladies, remember when you have your creation completed send along those pictures. We would all love to see what our day together has inspired you to create.

The traveling doesn’t end there, a few weekends later my dear friend Lise and I made our way north to New Liskeard. We took part in Quilt Day 10, where I had a booth full of goodies for sale along with my patterns. Now this is where the story gets good. Friday, when we arrived it poured buckets all day. Saturday Morning when we work up to go to the quilt show I opened the curtains to this:


My car encapsulated in ice and snow. The temperature had dropped and all that rain froze my car doors shut and I found myself in little shoes in 8” of snow. And that folks is what happens in Northern Ontario in April.

The first weekend of May I was back down the 401, this time to Oshawa. I spent two lovely days with Shirley and her staff from the Ultimate Sewing Centre. Sunday was a store event where I presented quilts made from Studio 180 tools and techniques. I spent all of Monday with the Shirley and her staff, teaching them the ins and out of using the tools in the Studio 180 repertoire. I just know that there are going to be some very creative quilts coming from the area quilters and I sure look forward to seeing the results.


So here we are, the long weekend only a week away. I am looking forward to some quiet time at the river house, hopefully some sunshine, weed pulling, and a few hours on the dock staring at the water. My new pattern Castle Lilies is in its final edits and should be ready for the end of the Month. I am making plans for June and Quilt Canada in Ottawa. I am looking forward to getting a picture of my friends and I with the quilt in the show, Not for the shopping!! :)

I did not have studio classes this month so not much new to report there. However, I did have one of my students help out to make a quilt for me and although all fixed up now, I did find a few booboo’s. Can you find them?

Mountain Blaze a new pattern from Studio 180 Design

Mountain Blaze a new pattern from Studio 180 Design

Well time to go do some long needed cleaning up so Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, stay safe, change your machine needle, and try to get some outside time.