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Wednesday Workday!

Hello Friends.   I can not believe the beautiful temperatures we have been enjoying once agin this week.  Today is clear, sunny and 23C.  September is the beginning of my favourite time of year.  Fresh vegetables from the garden, apples falling from the trees and of course the changing of the leaves.  The season of orange, red and rusty browns.

Today, I'm in the studio trying to finish up a sample that I hope to be teaching this fall.  Stitching, cutting, pressing, Oh Dear, my sewing room is a mess.  

As always, my trusty guard dog is at my feet, making sure the scraps don't get away. When I get into the zone of piecing I feel a little like Elenor Burns.  Just throwing those bits over my shoulder.  Most of them as you can tell do not make it into the garbage can.  Oh well, I'll clean up later, maybe!  I have to be careful when I get up in a hurry to iron that I don't roll on him with my chair.  :(

Oh how sewing has changed.  Now I say this, not because I'm that old, lol, but it occurred to me this morning how things have changed in the past few years.  If I'm going to be doing a lot of strip piecing, I usually get my iPad and turn on a video of some sort to watch or listen to, while I sew.  This is a new phenomenon that didn't exist a few years ago.  I love it.  Multitasking at it's finest.  Now if I can only find a way to piece or quilt and cook supper at the same time.  HAHAHA!  Oh ya, that's called a "crock pot"!

My new OTT light even has a USB port so I can charge my devices as I watch!  Cool.

My new OTT light even has a USB port so I can charge my devices as I watch!  Cool.

I'd love to hear if you have a favourite show or music that you have playing in the background while you stitch the hours away.  You can leave comments on the bottom of the page for all of us to enjoy.   

My Hunter's Star workshop is creeping up quickly and I have bindings to attend to.  It is supposed to rain this weekend so I'm hopeful that there will be some sit down time in there for "Stitchin' in the Rain", I'm happy again..... It's best if I leave the song writing and singing to someone else!

Well I had better get back to it.  Break time is over.  Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, stay safe, enjoy your piecing and go find your rubber boots.