Turn on the tunes and quilt it!

I just love it when my non-quilts friends ask, “What did you do over the holidays?”

I’m feeling pretty good about this quilt. It was a bit out of my comfort zone with regards to the quilting of it. The top was a treat to do. I stitched the snowmen during the summer at the cottage, but how to quilt it? I knew what I wanted but I was a little shy to get started.  As I like to tell my students, ” You can practice all you want, but at some point you just have to take a big breath and just quilt it.”

Now for the finishing touches! I have some beading I’d like to add, along with a few special ceramic buttons made by a dear friend Sherry Phippen.  You can visit her Etsy sight here to see her exciting ceramic buttons.


The weather seems to have shaped up a little here in Northern Ontario, as the terrible cold has subsided.  Brody is happy not to need his boots for our walks.  Classes are back underway, and Millie (which is what I call my long-arm quilting machine) is humming again with customer quilts.  I did manage to finish my “Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels”.  I’m afraid that I have started a bit of a trend for a while.

As January gets underway, I have some new patterns and books coming into the studio.  I have tons of new ideas and techniques I want to try.  So with the long days of winter here and the holidays out of the way, I say,”Rev up those machines and get quilting!”

Thank-you friends for stopping by.  As always,stay safe, stay warm and get quilting!