Where did April go?

Hello Friends. I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I know I did. I spent the weekend at the Rayside Balfour Quilt show.  The quilters out did themselves, and put on a wonderful show. It is always nice to see old friends and visit while taking in the beautiful quilts. 

There was a great vendors market, which I supported once again, along  with hand crafted items for sale made by the members of the quilters guild.  Great job ladies!

On Easter Sunday I sat down bright and early and wrote a post for Easter.  When I went to check it later last week, Oops! I guess technical difficulties had intervened and my Easter wishes were never sent.  With that I hope all had a wonderful weekend with family and friends and chocolate!  Mmmm. :)  My oldest daughter was visiting for the week with my son-in-law, which made for an even more delightful holiday weekend.  He takes some wonderful photos and loves to go for walks with his camera.  

The snow is all gone now - thank goodness, and spring time chores are here.  We are counting the weeks till the black-flies arrive, then we know that summer is truly around the corner.

Due to my technical difficulties Easter Sunday I am re-posting some photos of the Hunter Star creations the North Bay quilters produced during my workshop there on the 13th of April.  I had a super time with the group.  They were well on their way to producing some very unique designs.  

It looks like rain for the rest of the week here.  That’s Ok with me as I have more to so in the studio.  The rain will bring on the green and raking will soon be a daily chore. :)

Thanks for dropping by.  Until next time - Happy Quilting!