Classes and Instruction in the Art of Quilting

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Traditional Piecing Excellence

Carla's structured workshops teach the technical aspects of quilt making in an informal atmosphere that leads to an entertaining, enjoyable experience for all students. Through her teaching, she emphasizes fun, easy ways to create innovative quilt tops from traditional block patterns. Carla pays particular attention to helping students make their piecing more precise. 

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Flexible, Creative Instruction

Most of Carla’s classes can be adapted to be one or two day workshops, however using the full two days allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and deeper discussion and exploration of colour and design in relation to the focus project. Customized class ideas are encouraged to suit the interest and experience level of your group. 

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Cutting-Edge Piecing Techniques

As a Studio 180 Certified Instructor, Carla enjoys teaching with Deb Tucker’s rulers, such as the popular Wing Clipper and Tucker Trimmer rulers, which are making previously complicated block patterns much more accessible to the novice quilter. Carla’s lectures cover technical aspects of quilting including colour terminology and theory, borders and bindings, and choosing the right batting.