Owner of Quilting by the River, Carla Alexiuk, specializes in teaching traditional quilting, innovative piecing techniques, and creative design principles for every level of quilter.


About Carla

My studio is on the lower floor of our house and is where I relax, create, and work. I have been quilting for over 20 years and have found that teaching is what I enjoy most about quilting. So, for the past 14 years,  I have been teaching both in my home studio and on location for guilds and groups. 

I hope you will follow me on my quilting journey, as I muddle through quilts and life as a wife, mother, and quilter in Northern Ontario.


Carla's Blog

Teaching Profile

Carla's classes occur at the intersection of traditional and modern quilting. This creative space is made possible through Deb Tucker’s new ruler series which establishes a firm foundation in traditional piecing techniques and uses innovative design tools to release traditional quilting from the conventions of complicated, strict, and often tedious patterns. 


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